Publication: SupaNova.
Stellar images act as a prompt to investigate identity when faced with the overwhelming influx of change brought on by age, deterioration of ones relevance to the pack, and later obscurity.
Specs: (64 Pages, Self Cover, CMYK, Newsprint, 7×10"). Edition of 1000. Printed on the occassion of the LA Art Book Fair 2016.
Credits: (Photographer) Douglas Kirkland; (Design, Collage, & Writing) Scott Massey; (Prompt) Karla Olson; (Publisher) Leisure Labor; (Printer) Newspaper Club. Collection: Print Matter Archive

Captions: (1) Newsprint self cover; (2) Nada Combo 01, digital collage, 18×24"; (3, 5, 7)Interior spreads; (4) NADA026 [Child], analog collage made within the pages of the book “A Life in Pictures”, 9×13"; (6) NADA076 [John], analog collage, 9×13"; (8) Nada Combo 06, digital collage, 18×24".

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