Book: IV. Masks (Vamos).
Artist book. A ‘third space’ in which the mask-wearer can express aspects of themselves in a way that is also ‘not themselves’. A container or transitional device that sews together work made between 2015–2018.
Specs: (160 pages, 6×9")
Spiral bound. Interior pages are printed 2 color (blk + purple) with inset 16 page CMYK gallery printed on semi-gloss art stock.
Credits: (Words) Paul S.Wingert; (Photos, Drawings, Collage, & Design) Scott Massey; (Source Material) Time, Life, Na Geo, i-D, LOVE, Interview, Bon, & Purple Magazine;(Publisher) Leisure Labor; Released at the 2018 Otis MFA GD Art Book Fair.

Captions: (1) Cover is 1c printed on chipboard; (2) Analog collage on paper, Mask018, 8×11"; (3) Interior spreads; (4) Mixed media collage on paper, Mask019, 8×11"; (5) Interior spreads, photographic surveys from CA and Australia; (6) Analog collage on paper, Mask021, 8×11"; (7) The Mask essay written by Paul S. Wingert; (8) Analog collage on paper, Mask003, 8×11".

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