Book: Letra/Tone Graphic Notation.
Broken down into basic geometric shapes to represent relationships in nature; growth, deterioration, shelter, absence. A system was developed to build structures that ebb and flow in complexity, layered molds that have a digitally formed and somewhat naive three dimensionality. The scanned Letra forms populate, deform, and transform in this atmosphere.
Specs: Made up of five linked stages, each one measuring 20×30" works together as one elongated score or five separate posters. Graphic scores were interpreted, improvised, and performed in March 2019 at Radialsystem Berlin.
Credits: (Curator) Hanno Leichtmann; (Performance) Demdike Stare; (Event Photo) Camille Blake; (Design/Collage) Scott Massey; (Graphic Assets) LetraTone scans provided by Hanno Leichtmann; (Photo Source Material) New York Public Library; (Publisher) Leisure Labor; 2019.

Captions: (1) Demdike Stare performing Traces at the Letra/Tone Exhibit, organized and curated by Hanno Leichtmann. Graphic scores to be interpreted, improvised, performed in March 2019 at Radialsystem Berlin, Photo: Camille Blake; (2) EXP 01, Geometric Structures Relief Molds [Digital composites, 85 versions, 8×8"]. Used as a coming back to basics in order to develop the graphic notations, building complexity through the use of fake 3D shapes and surfaces;
(3) EXP 02 Graphic Notation [Digital composition, 5 posters, 20×30"]. A combination of the reliefs made in EXP 01 and the traces made from the Letra/Tone Scans; (4) EXP 04, Process Book [180 pages, 6×9"]. Elements were collected, combined, and collated to keep track of the directions made for the Letra/Tone Project. (5) EXP 05, Blue Prints [32 digital collages] using high resolution scans from The New York Public Library archive exploring Power & Culture.

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