Broadcast Design: MTV Events & Show Packs 
Development of assets for broadcast (identities/show packages/out of home creative) for newly developed series, returning products, and documentaries. Worked closely with showrunners, editors, marketing, and key leadership to insure creative was on-brand and promoted audience engagement across all platforms.
Specs: Each project required visual research, concept and ideation with the marketing teams, critiques from internal leadership and the showrunners before a direction was animated by an internal or external team.
Credits: (VP of Design) Thomas Berger; (CDs) Jim deBarros & Romy Mann, Lance Rusoff; (Art Directors) Darlene Codero, Catherine Chesters, Jen Epstein; (Animators) Joseph Perno, Chloe Bush (Designers) Christina Nahas, August Foreman (Photo Editors) Katie Zimmerman, Xavier Guerra; (Producers) Pam Brill, May Azcue, Lisa Nussbaum, & Jeff Rosscoat.

Captions: (1) UNPLUGGED, 2018. Art direction and development of the graphic language, logo design, & animation. Sizzle video by Block and Tackle; (2) BEACH HOUSE, 2018. Systems exploration: logo design, animation, event graphics, and OOH campaign; (3) MOVIE & TV AWARDS, 2017. Art direction and development of the graphic language, photo direction, & animation; (4) SPRING BREAK, 2019, Systems exploration: logo design, apparel, animation, event graphics, and OOH campaign.

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