Broadcast Design: MTV VMAs 2017
The Moonman represents MTV’s spirit: choosing to go into the unknown and break new ground. For the 360 campaign, the moonman served as a conceptual device linking the stars, audience, and event to history rich with surprise and wonder. Enlisting the explorative lens of David LaChapelle and Floria Sigismondi, all media was saturated color and spectral moments. 
Specs: An internally developed concept, creative direction was spread across all digital, motion, social, and print deliveribles leading up to and including the event itself. Thank you: marketing, animators, creatives, designers, and producers
Credits: (Brand Creative) Thomas Berger & Justin Russell; (Writers) Justin Freidus & Hannah Vandderpoel; (Creative Direction) Catherine Chesters & Scott Massey; (Animation Director) Jennifer Epstein; (Designers) Sarah Cohen, August Foreman, Christina Nahas,  Joseph Perno, Patrick Malloy, & Joe Cosentino
Awards: Print Magazine RDA, ADC Bronze, & One Club.

Captions: (1) Concept sketches for phase 1 key art, motion blurs and double exposure allows the trails and traces of past VMAs experiences to interact and appear in one frame; (2) The Anthem Spot brought together objects of VMA history back to life; (3) David LaChapelle brought together our Moonman experience to life; (4) Floria Sigismondi help declare Katy Perry as MTVs first Moonwoman; (5) Times Square Domination involved pacing and plotting over 300 print pieces; (6) Performer spot was the final broadcast piece that brought together the entire graphic system.

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