Environmental Design: TIDA & Bowerman Mural.
Exploring the connection between creator > athlete > product which is at the core of Nike’s heritage. Paying homage to the creator (Bowerman) the athlete (Pre & Tiger) with speed as the organizing principle.
Specs: TIDA Mural for Tiger, (934×180"); Bowerman Mural, (160×116½");1972–365–247 Zine, (112 pages, 6×9"); Combines, (32 analog & digital pieces, 8×8").
Credits: (Creative Director) Courtney Bloomer; (Patterns) Supplied by WD+C; (Design & Illustration) Scott Massey. 

Captions: (1) Front cover for 1972–365–247, a process book that tracks the three main projects for Nike’s WD+C; (2) Chosen direction for the TIDA mural, digital printed and installed on campus; (3) Interior spreads, a mix of image making and typographic experiments; (4) Option two for the TIDA mural, not selected or produced; (5) Bowerman combos, analog and digital collages made in preparation for a new mural; (6) Studies exploring the roots of Nike and maxims, archival images of Bowerman [coach/inventor], Pre [athlete], and the waffle pattern [product] supplied by client.

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