Brand Design: Outerknown 017–018
Seasonal Campaigns & Environmental initiatives were created while acting as a design consultant for OK. The main goal of the Spring and Summer campaigns was to create flexible systems to be used effortlessly across all digital and print deliveribles, one that establish a unique language that could evolve and constantly surprise the viewer.
Specs: Multi-form campaign that spans digital, print, and social messaging. The directions were crafted to highlight, frame the desire to look further into sustainable lifestyles with provocative style and an enthusiatic vision for the future.
Credits: (CEO) Mark Walker: (Chief Creative) John Moore; (Marketing)Max Lishansky; (Dir. Merch) Josh Weiner & Zuri Magers; (Head of Sustainability) Shelly Gottschamer; (Art Director) Zak Bush; (Designers) Jasper Juaniza & Brendon Concannon.

Captions: (1) SP018 Campaign Directive. The campaign for SEE CHANGE is built on a flexible system that creates a mix between education and engagement. Windows are used to create connections between cause for concern, better ways of working, and a path to alter lifestyles; (2) The Blue Book [80 pages, 6×9"]. An initiative to support preferential tariffs for sustainable materials front of mind for brands, thought leaders, and legislators. Photos: Art Brewer, Zak Bush, Todd Glaser, Ray Collins, & Jon Frank. Illustration: Andrew Holder. Editor: Ethan Stewart.
(3) SU018 Campaign Directive. Graphic Language & System: Frames are used to highight essential beliefs of the brand and further focus explorations. New Directions is built on a flexible system that allows our creative team to highlight, extract, and center elements crucial to the Outerknown story; (4) SU018 Spring Mailer. [24 pages, 6×9"] The graphic system was implemented to provide a clean and flexible way to introduce product, lifestyle and the company’s new tag, “For People and Planet”. Edition size: 30,000.

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