Publication: Posters First Work Second (P1W2). A personal archive of posters that were made at CalArts from 2010–2012. Mostly made with fellow classmates, collaborators, friends for events that were happening around campus. Displayed on the walls, and printed by hand usually using fluorescent inks. The book catalogs the work, discoveries, and influences.
Specs: (288 pages, 6×9") Perfect bound. Offset printing on uncoated 100% post consumer recycled stock. CMYK. Posters were printed on various stocks & sizes (18×24"+) depending on time/money.
Credits: (Art Director & Designer) Scott Massey. (Collaborators) Laura Bernstein, Tom Kracauer, Ben Woodlock, Masato Nakada, Thea Lorentzen, Tim Belonax, & Stefano Giustiniani. Awards: Posters from Machine Project LA have been exhibited in LACMA's exhibit, Between the Lines, and are In the permanent collection.

Captions: (1) P1W2 is an archive of a frenatic time. A book made five years after graduating from CalArts. A look back into the notes, research, scribbles, that lead to posters and discoveries made late at night; (2) CalArts Posters [varying sizes, all hand silk-screened] With each new poster there developed a thread of celebration, an event that allowed the designer to step outside of the everyday and try out a new mask. With each mask, new tones and personalities developed, some to scream and some to whisper.
Awards: The Ohara poster won an STA Award in 2010 and was placed in the Chicago Design Archive; the 40 Year Lazor, Timboctou, & Hirsch were published in Unit Editions’ Type+ book; Filmmobile & St. Paddy’s Singalong were purchased by LACMA as part of The Machine Projects Poster Archive. (*) However, the best part of these posters remain to be the collaborations, the process of printing, and the ideas that were able to come to life in a physical form [eventhough their births usually happened very early in the morning].

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