Graphic Language & Process Book: Slow Dance.
Direction for the campaign, product, web presence, and film treatment came from this very physical and collaborative approach between the art department and Dane Reynolds. The book is a mix of order and disorder, taken from the title, it was assumed that we would observe a young Craig Anderson at a sixth grade dance.
Specs: Poster (Double Sided, 18 × 24"); Process Book. (128 pages, 5.5 × 7.5"). Interior stock is an uncoated off-white text printed duotone blacks, with inset 16 page CMYK galleries printed on semi-gloss art stock.
Credits: (Director/Illustrator)Dane Reynolds; (Creative Director) Scott Richards; (Art Direction)Matt Deak & Scott Massey; (Marketing) Dario Phillips; (Art Direction for Web) Matt Raminick; (Photos) Morgan Maassen, Dane, and Craig Anderson; (Collage) Scott Massey; (Film Production) Marine Layer; (Client) Quiksilver, 2013.

Captions: (1) Double sided event poster. A collaboration with Matt Deak and Scott Richards, lettering/drawings by Dane Reynolds, photo by Morgan Maasen; (2) Slow Dance: Rebel Rebel, A Process Book [128 pages, 5.5×7.5"]. A simple grid was developed, the basic steps of learning to dance corrupted and broken down into aggressive stutters and swings;
(3) Slow Dance: Landing Page. Designed to look more like a tumblr stream than a fully flash induced Quiksilver site, we planted plenty of easter eggs to make it stand apart. Floating images when scrolling over specific areas and a cursor in the form of a skeleton hand drawn by Dane Reynolds [Kanye later did this on the DONDA site the following season].

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