Publication & Events: RRR.001–003. 
We asked a group of talented friends to drop what they were doing, take a look around their environments, find something old, pick it up, take another look, and make it new. The R’s where given new meaning with each new reincarnation to consider physical waste, actions, ideas, and memories that were worth saving at the time.
Specs: 3 Books (96 pages, 6×9"), printed on recycled 100% post consumer paper. RRR.001 was printed 2 colors, black + blue (PMS 311) plus a CMYK section. RRR.002 was CMYK + PMS 311, and RRR.003 was black + silver (PMS 871).
Credits: (Art Director & Curator) Scott Massey. (Collaborators) Jonathan Sandridge, Mark Ho-Kane & Scott Richards, Laura Bernstein & Masato Nakado; (Exhibitions) Will Pennartz at the Surf Gallery & Simple Gallery; (Installation & Curation) Charles Adler. (Publisher) Mike Perry, Simple, & Leisure Labor.
Awards: MoMA Millennium Magazines Exhibit; FPO Awards. Archives: Walker Art Center.

Captions: (1) RRR.001 [96 pages, edition of 1000, 6×9", Black + pms 311 and CMYK]. Mostly composed of two colors, the middle third of the book was printed CMYK, this was meant to be a celebration in the middle of so much nonsense. Co-Design: Jonathan Sandridge; (2) RRR.002: [96 pages, edition of 3000, 6×9", CMYK + pms 311]. A little more collaborative and personal then the first, some of the work was created while visiting artists’ studios to learn more about them, see their environments, talk and make new work together. Co-Design: Mark Kane; (3) RRR.003 [96 pages, edition of 1000, 6×9", Black + pms 871]. The last zine was created soon after the earthquake in Japan. It seemed fitting to ask our contributors to recollect and reorganize special memories from the past in order to push forward. Co-Design: Laura Bernstein.

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