Book Design: Surf Is Where You Find It.
Written by one of the most revered surfers of his generation, this redesign set out to introduce Gerry Lopez’s journeys and lessons to a younger audience. The tone was set to match the author’s writing and surf style; timeless, ground breaking, thought provoking, modern, and zen-like.
Specs: (416 pages, 6½×9½")
Hard cover w/ jacket. Interior stock is an uncoated off-white text printed duotone blacks, with inset 16 page CMYK galleries printed on semi-gloss art stock.
Credits: (Author) Gerry Lopez; (Creative Director) Dmitri Siegel; (Art Director) Scott Massey; (Director) Karla Olson; (Editor) John Dutton; (Production) Scott Webber & Rafael Dunn; (Photo Editor) Jeff Divine & Jane Sievert; (Cover Photos) Art Brewer; (Publisher) Patagonia Books. Awards: Print Magazine Regional Design Awards 2016

Captions: (1)Hard cover case printed with one color, dust cover was printed 4c with a UV gloss over the images and hit of silver foil on the type; (2) Semi-gloss photo galleries split the book and great moments of celebration for the sport and Gerry’s career; (3) Text only sections were printed Duo-tone blacks on uncoated text to keep copy and images crisp and detailed.

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