Publication: Surface Magazine, Issue 154.
Evolution of existing typographic system, creating clear hierarchies between front of book and well stories. Pronounced type treatments for headers and open structured galleries introduce a hint of personality and celebration.
Specs: (216 pages, 8×10⅞")
Perfect bound. Offset printing on uncoated stock, edition of 8,000. Typefaces: Neue Haas Unica, Stempel Garamond, and Sainte Colombe.
Credits: (Editor In Chief) Diane Solway; (Creative Direction) Dennis Freedman; (Design Director) Javas Lehn; (Art Director) Scott Massey; (Designer) Joseph Margulies; (Publisher) Future Media Group.

Captions: (1) Portrait of Kahlil Joseph by Melodie McDaniel; (2) Section dividers show the dramatic scale shift of the new Typographic system; (3) New front of book system allowed for more white space and room to digest imagery; (4) Cover story, pronounced lead in with big type; (5) Features were designed to celebrate the artists, allowing for dramatic pacing strategies of type and image.

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