Poster Design: Inside Out & Upside Down.
A series of posters created to announce the IO&UD exhibition and book, celebrating 50 years of posters from CalArts. An iterative exploration that layer by layer combines the work from those that came before us to produce a unique and united present form. 
Specs: (20×28")
5 color hand pulled silkscreen. Designed to produce multiple iterations and unique prints by swapping screen orders and color combinations. Edition of 100.
Credits: (Curator) Michael Worthington; (Concept/Design) Scott Massey; (Printer) Tom Kracauer; (Publisher) CalArts/REDCAT, 2020.
︎This poster comission was the prompt for The Nest. A process book that tracks the development of over 200 unique & vibrant designs.

Captions: (1)Inside Out & Upside Down final print versions, CMYK + Gold; (2) Early explorations of type and various screen selections; (3) Alternate options for color and layering.

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